Mission & Vision of the College


The newly established college “Deshapran Mahavidyalaya” is committed to providing excellence in education at the under graduate level in order to empower the rural youth with breadth of Knowledge and depth of experience that provide meaningful contribution to their career and also to the community.
To achieve the goals stated in the mission statement, the college is faithfully following these basic objectives.

  • To provide qualitative and useful teaching in order to prepare the students for higher education.
  • Making the students successful for their upcoming life .
  • Assess the potentiality of the students and develop it.
  • To develop personality, quality of leadership, good citizenship and fraternity in students.
  • Assuring proper atmosphere for learning.
  • Neat and clean college campus.
  • Devoted service for the betterment of the students.
  • Aspiring to make the Dehspran Mahavidyalaya as one of the best colleges under Vidyasagar University.
  • Appreciating the talent of the students.
  • Rendering service to the society and making its youths self-dependant.