Education for all is the catchword of the day. This slogan presumes the easy accessibility of higher education to all and sundry. With that end in vies, and also for the sake of sustaining cultural and economic development of the area, Deshapran Educational Society, comprising of the enlightened and pro-humanitarian people of Durmuth, Block-III, decided in 2010 to establish a college in the area. The name of the proposed college “Deshapran Mahavidyalaya” Was chosen by consensus.

Much before Desbandhu “Chittaranjan Das” Birendranath Sasmal (1881-1934) born at Chandiveti Under Contai Or Kanthi, was the first to relinquish the roaring practice of a Barrister at the High Court of Calcutta in pursuance of the non-co-operation movement, he led the “No. Tax” (Tax Boycott) Movement in Midnapore district to an unpre-cedented success and was recognized as the uncrowned king of Midnapore and earned different honourable titles like “Deshapran” etc. for his noble and undaunted heart and uncompromising struggle for the people of Mednapore district and in a broader spectrum for the freedom of India. He was an ardent votary of true knowledge and as such was the automatic choice to lend one of his titles for christening the college.


It is superfluous to say that many people from different section of the society came forward to give shape to such a noble idea. Some of them are Mr. Chakradhar Maikap, the Ex Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge (Technical Education) Govt. of West Bengal, Mr.Shailaja Kumar Das, Ex-MLA, Dr.Dipak Kumar Tamili, Principal Egra Sarada-Sashibhusan college, Mr.Swapan Kumar Maity, Gram Pradhan of Durmuth Gram Panchayat, Mr.Shymal Das, Upa-Pradhan of the same, Mr.Kalipada Shit,Member of Zilla Parishad, Mr.Shyamsundar Panda, Mr.Sitendu Kumar Maity et alia.


Among the following enthusiastic persons stated above Mr.Prabhat Tamili, the (emeritus) Headmaster of Bathuari Adarsha Vidyapith deserves special mention. He donated Rs.9 lakhs in cash and with out this amount it was not possible for the interested people to fulfil the dream at the initial stage. The financial pre-condition for recognition of the college was mostly favoured by this sizeable donation & donation from several other interested persons. Mr.P.K.Tamili committed to donate further amount for the construction of two college rooms/Hall to perpetuate the memory of his parents. The Ex- Hon’ble Minister Mr.Chakradhar Maikap, granted Rs.41 lakhs from his M.L.A. Quota, the Govt. of West Bengal a grant amounting to Rs.50 lakhs and Mr.Sitaram Yachuri, MP (Rajyasava) responded to our appeal and also sanctioned a grant amounting  to Rs. 50 Lakhs for the purpose of development of the college.

The college is situated about 2Kms north from the Contai town, near the Durmuth Bus stand, on the Contai Mecheda Road and in an ideal and idyllic ambience in a terrain of about six acres of land, apportioned by the Government of West Bengal. The Higher Education Department of the state Government & Vidyasagar University accorded necessary permission of Deshapran Mahavidyalaya on 13th & 21th September, 2010 respectively.


Prof. Sudarshan Roy Chowdhuri, Ex. Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge (Higher Education) laid the foundation stone of the college on 26/01/2011 in the august presence of former Hon’ble vice Chancellor, Prof.Swapan Pramanik and some Departmental Officers of the Government & of Vidyasagar University.

Initially the college was run and nourished at Durmuth Chandberia adarsha Vidyapith. Only on 11.11.2011 the college started operating in its newly constructed building. The college college authority thankfully remembers the contribution of shool committee, the Headmaster & all staff who responded enthusiastically to its appeal and lent unreserved co-operation to the college personnels for its smooth sailing. The kind gestures of the Headmaster Mr. Mriganka Mouli Maity and Prof.Bishnupada Pradhan, the first Teacher-in-Charge of the college demand special mention.

Although the posts of the whole-time Principal and Professors of different departments have been sanctioned in conformity with the reles, the college service commission is yet to recommend names to fill in the vacant posts. However, the college authority in the interest of students, has arranged to cater to their academic needs. The Teacher-in-Charge, Govt. approved Part-time teachers &guest teachers have been carrying on their sacred mission to their best ability and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Since the very first year of its inception, a weel- furnished Library, which by itself is designated as a University by Carlyle, is in operation, and it is going to be enriched further in accordance with the decision already taken up by the authority to this effct.


According to the University rules, at present internal assessment for General coursed & Honours courses are being conducted. In order to boost interest in higher education among the poor and meritorious students they are given concession with the rule in existence.


It is a matter of gratification that many educated persons have contributed generously to the college Development fund and many others have promised to do so in near future. The college authority offers thanks to all these personages and their charity will be acknowledged in a booklet to be published shortly. We also appeal to all concerned that any help from any quarter to the cause of the college will be thankfully received.

The vidyasagar University Authority, as per statutory provision has constituted Ad-hoc Governing Body for Deshapran Mahavidyalaya only on and from 06.09.2012 after dissolution of the Organising Committee working so far.


Be it mentioned further that Mr. Sisir Adhikari Hon’ble Ex. Minister, Govt. of India and Chairman, Digha Sankarpur Development Authority was kind enough to inaugurate the “Sarada Arun Kashkha”, a Hall prepared in memory of deceased parents of Mr. Prabhat Kumar Tamili, out of his finance released at the very inception of the college. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University prof. Ranjan Chakrabarty graced the inauguration ceremony as the Guest-in –Chief and members of the previous Organising Committedd were also present.

Govt. of W.B.through Contai-III panchayat Samity received amount of Rs.1,83,000.00 for construction of toilet. Moreover, Higher Education Dept. Govt. of W.B.initially sanctioned a grant of Rs.4,44,000.00 for infrastructure development. Further a proposal for building construction has also been placed to the Higher Education Dept. Govt. of W.B.


The college authority earnestly seeks financial assistance from local public representatives and also from the Government for all round development of the academic schedules & infrastructure of the institution established after the name of Great patriot personality Dehsapran Birendranath Sasmal.