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Principal’s Desk

On behalf of Deshapran Mahavidyalaya, a young promising undergraduate college affiliated to Vidyasagar University, I extend a warm welcome to you all. Since the inception of the college in 2010, it has always been our endeavour to view education as a holistic learning experience, where students develop into well-rounded personalities rather than just objects of wisdom. We help all students in developing those attributes and qualities of heart, head and hand which will make them intellectually   … read more..

Dr. Subikash Jana (M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.), Principal

Welcome to Deshapran Mahavidyalaya

Education for all is the catchword of the day. This slogan presumes the easy accessibility of higher education to all and sundry . With that end in view , and also for the sake of sustaining cultural and economic development of the area , Deshapran Educational Society , comprising of the enlightened and pro-humanitarian people of Durmuth , Block -III , decided in 2010 to establish a college in the area . the name of the proposed college “Deshapran Mahavidyalaya ” was chosen by consensus .
Much before Deshabandhu Chittaranjan Das ” Deshapran” Birendranath Sasmal (1881-1934) , born at Chandiveti under Contai or Kanthi was the first relinquish the roaring practice of a Barrister at the High Court Of Calcutta in pursuance of the Non-Co-operation Movement , he led the ” No. Tax “( Tax Boycott ) Movement in Midnapore district to an unprecedented success and was recognized as the uncrowned King of Midnapore district to an unprecedented success and was recognized as the uncrowned King of Midnapore and earned different honourable titles like “Deshapran ” etc. for his noble and undaunted heart and uncompromising struggle for the people of Midnapore district and in a broader spectrum for the freedom of India . He was an ardent votary of true knowledge and as such was the automobile choice to lend one of his titles for christening the College .
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1September 28, 2022Puja Vacation Notice view
2September 24, 2022NOTICE view
3September 16, 2022NOTICE OF HOLIDAY ON 17.09.2022 view
4September 15, 2022Notice of Coaching Class for Competitive Examination view
5September 10, 2022Notice Youth Parliamentview
6September 10, 2022Sem-I Documents Verification Noticeview
7September 10, 2022Sem-I Admission Notice (2nd Cycle)view
8September 10, 2022Noticeview
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12September 8, 2022Routine of Sem 1,3,5view
14September 6, 2022Admission Noticeview
15September 6, 2022SEM 3 & SEM 5 ADMISSION NOTICE OF 2022-23view
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23August 18, 2022Admission Scheduleview
24August 18, 2022Corrigendum Notice related to Online Admissionview
25August 18, 2022Holiday Noticeview
26August 17, 2022IQAC Meeting Noticeview
27August 13, 2022SEM 5 ROUTINE 2022-23view
28August 13, 2022ENVS PROJECT EXAM 2022view
30August 13, 2022ADMISSION SCHEDULE (15.08.22 TO 20.08.22)view
31August 8, 2022HOLIDAY NOTICEview
32August 8, 2022EXAM COM MEETINGview
33August 8, 2022CLASS RESUME NOTICEview
34August 3, 2022Noticeview
35July 30, 2022Exam Noticeview
36July 27, 2022NOTICEview
37July 22, 2022Provisional Schedule of Admission to SEM-I, Session 2022-2023view
38July 20, 2022Noticeview
39July 18, 20222nd sem form fillup noticeview
40July 13, 2022Admission Notice (2022-23)view
41July 12, 2022SEM-4 Exam Noticeview
42July 11, 2022Meeting Noticeview
43July 8, 2022Corrigendum Notice of U. G 6th Semester Examview
44July 5, 2022Corrigendum (UG 6th Semester Examination)view
45June 30, 2022Meeting of Exam Sub Committeeview
46June 28, 20222nd IA 2nd Sem Notice & Scheduleview
48June 24, 2022Examination Form Fill Up of UG 4th Sem BA (H&G) 2022 (under CBCS)view
49June 21, 2022Noticeview
50June 21, 2022Noticeview